CDG Inclined Micro Hydro Turbine (Double Nozzles)

Making Safe Use of the Power in Water

(In addition we make double impulse, double wheel Pelton, tubular, Kaplan, Francis and Francis horizontal type turbines and manufacture to spec based upon requirements.)

Price Range: $550 to $30,000 (Canadian dollars)


Model : CDG – MHT

Of the 26 MHT Models the Specs Range as Follows:

  • Water Head (M): From 2 to 45 depending on requirements
  • Flow (M3/sq): From 0.003 to 0.165
  • Power Generated (W): 200 to 30000
  • Phase: Single phase to three phase
  • Speed (R/Min): 1000 to 1500
  • Inlet (mm): 50 to 300

*We customize the turbine based upon your requirements (e.g. water head and flow rates, voltage and frequency).

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We Use PayPal for Secure Online Payments
We Use PayPal for Secure Online Payments.


CDG Inclined Micro Hydro Turbine