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The CDG provides the most technologically sophisticated solar (photovoltaic and thermal), wind and micro-hydro solutions to individuals, communities, companies and governments around the world. In addition, the organization of the CDG enables the best costing for the entire project from start to finish, as well as the best costing for solar, wind, micro-hydro and sustainable products for both home and industrial use. A predominant reason for our development was to make superior clean technology available to everyone.

Recognized by the United Nations for our work, CDG began its global efforts for the betterment of the world by working in rural areas and urban centers in developing communities; providing solar, wind and micro-hydro energy, as well as publicly available Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Facilities. The work of the CDG centers on achieving environmental and economic sustainability through the advancement of clean infrastructure development to provide renewable energy and needed global access to information.

The developer, director and CEO of the CDG is Scott Phipps, who has spent most of his life studying and working around much of the planet. During his career he has focused upon two fundamental international development issues: fostering sustainable infrastructures with renewable energy sources and effectively bridging the global digital divide. With a career spent initially in the public, international and academic sectors he spent the latter part of his work within the private sector, working to better integrate the skill sets of all sectors (public, private, NGO, IO and academic), as well as to humanize the private sector and further corporate responsibility.

United Nations Reference

United Nations Letter of Recommendation - Part 1   United Nations Letter of Recommendation - Part 2

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